#MorningCoffee | January 10, 2013

#MorningCoffee | Jan 10, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 1

We love reading, writing, talking, reviewing, driving… basically doing anything we can with cars. We spend a lot of time on the net going through articles and we want to pass on that knowledge by way of #MorningCoffee. This is where we take the past 48 hours of auto related news and put it all in one place for you to read while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Have an awesome day!

Buyer beware! Five Canadians have lost $200k to an online car buying scam.

Nissan’s Leaf doesn’t hold up well to extreme heat and a bunch of Arizona owners are the proof. They are now trying to find a solution to losing 30% of the battery charge and it seems Nissan is not being too helpful.

Earlier in the week we linked an article about how GM was giving app developers kits to help develop apps, well Ford is somewhat following in their footsteps. I hope this means I can play angry birds when stuck in rush hour!

Battery cars are too quiet and the government wants to make them louder.

Jeep sets a global sales record, way to go Jeep!

China has ordered that car emissions be cut by as much as 10% by 2015.

The reduction in emissions in China is a pretty big deal because makers like Porsche could be affected!

Parking at malls could be less troublesome in a few years, as Inrix has developed a system to guide cars to open parking spots. This will be sad when every car has it, the parking lot stalk is one of the best ways to get a laugh.

This is the car you never knew about, but now really want!

The pickup truck every contractor wants!

Those crazy Australians! They took home the world record of the largest burnout, check out the videos!

Here is the top 5 expensive celebrity cars of 2012… trouble is Vibe has it all wrong! Worst of all is that Kanye’s Lamborghini was a rental!

Today’s car porn comes from one of the worlds most insane races, the Dakar Rally.

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    […] a lot of time on the net going through articles and we want to pass on that knowledge by way of #MorningCoffee. This is where we take the past 48 hours of auto related news and put it all in one place for you […]

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