What Are These Things?

What Are These Things (THUMBNAIL)

If you read the Perks For Us Media Folk post on our blog, you’ll notice that members of the media do get goodies at events we attend especially at international auto shows. Some of the goodies are for us to wear while others are more functional for the work we do as is in this case with a handful of awesome looking USB keys. On these portable storage devices are press releases along with images for our editorial write ups for which you read online and in print.

Over the years, auto makers have taken a key creative interest in the way these portable storage devices look and at times even packaged. The simplest of all is a simple colour-matching USB key with logo branding as is the case with Subaru. The middle ground exists with more custom pieces like the Hyundai blue key, Ford’s oval key, and Kia’s classy stamped leather key chain.

The winners of this year are none other than Audi’s USB key which looks exactly like their vehicle keys (a nice way to trick people into thinking you own an R8, until you show up with another vehicle) and the Chrysler / Dodge key which is a rubber MOPAR spark plug! It isn’t any wonder why auto makers would go to these lengths for something which is a mere handout, but the thought of it is what gets us media folk talking and usually in a positive light. Mission accomplished!

Story by Giancarlo Pawelec

Editor-in-Chief // AutoMotoFoto.net
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  1. Patrick says:

    March 5, 2012 @ 5:59 PM

    Wow, Subaru really cheap’d out. I have those USB keys printed for $3 a pop. Bravo to Audi, that’s really neat!

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