CanadianSubies x Mitsubishi Club Canada Meet | April 28

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2015-04-30

Continuing their tradition of weekly meets, the partnership between CanadianSubies and Mitsubishi Club Canada has blessed the GTA with another meet up. Instead of meeting at the Home Depot in Richmond Hill like the last time, the meet was moved to familiar CanadianSubies spot, the Vaughan Mills Boston Pizza…

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Doors Up Event by CSCC and NorthFaceRally (THUMBNAIL) 1

Doors Up Event by CSCC and NorthFaceRally

By: Markis Sarkis | Published on 2015-04-28

A few nights ago seemed like just any other night to me. I was at my desk working on a few pictures, searching the internet for car parts, that was until around 10pm when I got a message from Aman Toor of Allure Limo Company. In short, he invited me to join CSCC (Canadian Super Car Club) for a small get together/lunch where the Lamborghinis would be parked side by side with the doors up…

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TrueNorth Season Opener at Eurocharged Canada

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2015-04-23

TrueNorth Season Opener Eurocharged Canada Toronto, Ontario April 19, 2015 The TrueNorth club has been a growing brand in the past couple of years. What started as BMW TrueNorth evolved into the TrueNorth club after merging with a local chapter of what used to be known as Mercedes-Benz World. BMW TrueNorth and MB TrueNorth joined […]

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Saturn’s Drives Cars-N-Cafe + Cruise – April 19, 2015

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2015-04-21

The warm weather appears to be here to stay, and Saturn is wasting no time getting the exotic group together for a year full of meet ups and cruises through the countryside. Sunday’s Cars-N-Cafe is the first “official” Saturn’s Drives meet of the season. After testing the waters with the meet and cruise to the #TorontoCarSpotting season […]

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CanadianSubies x MitsubishiClubCanada Weekly Meet | April 14, 2015

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2015-04-17

As the season began and cars began to leave their garages, enthusiasts of the GTA were eager for weekly meet ups to start again. Last weekend’s #TorontoCarSpotting meet and recent CanadianSubies meets really got people into the swing of the season and people were ready for the nightlife. Enter Mitsubishi Club Canada and Canadian Subies with a joint venture meet for Tuesday nights in the GTA…

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SaturnsDrive Cruise to the #TorontoCarSpotting Season Opener (THUMBNAIL) 1

Saturn’s Drives Cruise: #TorontoCarSpotting Season Opener

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2015-04-15

It was a beautiful sunny day for the first Saturn’s Drives cruise of the 2015 season, and the exotics were out in spades. The exotic group woke with the sun to attend an early gathering at the Chapters/Starbucks on Highway 7 for Sunday morning cars and coffee before tackling a back roads cruise to the […]

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CanadianSubies Meet // March 26, 2015

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2015-03-28

They’re back! After a long and frigid winter, the Canadian Subies crew is getting an early start on a season full of meets and cruises. With permission from Boston Pizza at Vaughan Mills, Subarus and enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes begin to fill the lot around 8 PM on Thursdays. Despite most still being on winter tires, enthusiasts braved the chill of the cold concrete to come hang out with the crew…

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AutoExotica & Supercars at CIAS 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 1

AutoExotica & Supercars at CIAS 2015

By: Giancarlo Pawelec | Published on 2015-02-27

Without question, this year’s Canadian International AutoShow was spectacular. The line up of new vehicle model everywhere, plenty of awesome samples given away, and our favourite – the supercars! At most of the manufacturer exhibits one will find concept cars and even the odd sportscar, but if you want to see the very best there’s no other than the gallery known as AutoExotica…

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