CSCS 2014 – Round 1 (Season Opener)

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2014-06-13

And they’re off! It was a brand new track layout at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, not only for the time attack drivers, but especially the drifters. The new layout introduced a long sweeping banked turn for the drivers which quickly cut to a sharp right and then a transition back around the bank. The new layout definitely forced drivers to step their game up, and pushed some of them out of their comfort zones…

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Super Tuner 5 | Presented by Brimell Scion

By: AutoMotoFoto | Published on 2014-06-12

It was an overcast day in Scarborough this past Sunday, but that didn’t stop car enthusiasts and bikers alike from coming out to Brimell Scion’s Super Tuner 5. The fifth annual show featured music, great food, a pit stop challenge, and a nice $500 cash prize for the best in show…

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Evopalooza 2014

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2014-06-11

On a bright and sunny day in Scarborough, Mitsubishi enthusiasts and spectators from the surrounding area flocked to Scarborough Mitsubishi for the third annual “Evopalooza”. As you can imagine based on the name, the event is largely comprised of Mitsubishi Evo’s. With the DJ playing music and the barbecue supplying the food, the show was sure to be enjoyable for anyone who attended…

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Touge Tuning Charity Car Wash

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2014-06-05

Although we arrived on the scene towards the end of the day, there was still a good variety of cars and drivers at Touge Tuning’s open house and car wash for charity this past Sunday. The Mississauga-based forced induction specialist shop held the event to raise money for charity by offering both 2WD and AWD dyno pulls throughout the day…

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Restyle It’s Colourful BBQ

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2014-06-04

If there was ever a car event you could see from a mile away, it would have to be the colourful collection at Restyle It’s showcase and barbecue for Sick Kids. The increasingly popular graphics shop put together the barbecue in order to showcase some of the finest examples of their work from the past few seasons up to now….

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TOPP Drift 2014 - Round 2 (Part 2) 1

TOPP Drift 2014 – Round 2 (Part 2)

By: Ben Fry | Published on 2014-06-03

Since the release of the round 1 coverage of TOPP Drift 2014, I was fortunate enough to end up with a lot of decent photos – my biggest drift gallery yet. The first part of the coverage wasn’t enough so I decided to split it up into two, mostly for your viewing pleasure…

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Mini Moto Lab’s Grand Opening

By: Adam Gordon | Published on 2014-06-03

When we recently spoke about the resurgence of mini bike culture, we had no idea that it was occurring so quickly right under our noses. We had seen a couple Ruckuses in our area, but hadn’t thought much of it until we saw Mini Moto Lab set up a booth at last month’s Fitted Lifestyle show. When I saw their booth surrounded by modified Ruckuses and mini bikes, I knew I was already hooked on these guys…

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Italian Car Day 2014 - Pre-Event Rally (GP_AMF) - THUMBNAIL 1

Italian Car Day 2014 (Pre-Event Rally)

By: Giancarlo Pawelec | Published on 2014-06-02

As if the Italian Car Day couldn’t come any quicker (July 19th, 2014), the organizers along with Saturn Drives arranged a pre-event rally from Woodbridge to St. Catherines, Ontario. It was an early Sunday morning when one of the groups around the Greater Toronto Area gathered at a nearby shopping center parking lot….

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