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Stunters Inc.

By: AutoMotoFoto | Published on 2013-10-29

In the world of motorcycle stunt riding, few people are as well known around these parts as the guys at Stuners Inc. Ever since popping their first wheelies on bicycles, the Stunters Inc crew have been hooked on taking two-wheel to one wheel. Mastering the art of ‘dancing with motorcycles’ takes time, effort and patience…

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By: AutoMotoFoto | Published on 2013-10-23

The ALL4THRILS crew is fairly new in the car scene, but their members have been car enthusiasts since they can remember. Started by two close friends while skateboarding, it originated as a group of friends with a mutual interest…

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Saturns Drives

By: AutoMotoFoto | Published on 2013-10-04

This is truly one of the most prestigious and secretive car clubs in the country. Saturns Drives is a collective of like-minded individuals who simply enjoy the company of others that share a passion for exotics and sport cars, regardless of marquee or country. The format of the meets are Cars N Cafe, Exotic Cruises and […]

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Nine-O-Five Rides

By: AutoMotoFoto | Published on 2011-09-21

A glimpse into Western Ontario’s Nine-O-Five Rides car club…

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International AllStars

By: AutoMotoFoto | Published on 2011-05-06

Spanning multiple countries and with a hundred members, this is the International AllStars team…

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Focal Point Concepts

By: Giancarlo Pawelec | Published on 2010-12-31

Team Focal Point Concepts gives us insight as to what makes them special…

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