March 23, 2013

MegaSpeed Custom Car & Truck Show 2013

MegaSpeed Custom Car & Truck Show 2013
International Center
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
March 22-24, 2013

As the second annual event for the MegaSpeed Custom Car & Truck Show held just outside Toronto, Canada, the odds were stacked against it just like last year with the show date set early in the season. Filling up nearly seven halls and 500,000 sq. ft. is no easy task especially in a region whereby the cold weather lingers well into the spring season. After two days packed of roll-ins from cars, trucks, and motorcycles coming from across The Great White and America, the doors finally opened on Friday morning to an anxious crowd waiting outside the International Centre. This year was to mark a benchmark with not only attendance numbers, but also unique celebrities on hand throughout the three-day event, including the 2013 Grand Marshall Bill Goldberg of WWE fame.

The first two halls were full of the expected classic, muscle, and hot rod selection. One of the most beautiful cars at the show was this second generation Chevrolet Impala in the BASF booth. Alongside it were three other incredible machines including Rick Nash’s custom Camaro and Kyle Marcelli’s Pfaff Racing Porsche GT3 Cup car. To make things even more incredible, BASF had legendary car builder and automotive icon Chip Foose on hand for photos and signing – a true experience for any gear head!

Although there were plenty of hot rods at the show, this one caught the attention of many possibly due to the stereotypical flames paint job. Regardless of one’s take, chrome wheels, low stance, and a roadster can never seem like a bad thing.

Our good friends at FAST Wheels came all the way from Montreal, Quebec to showcase a huge selection of their rolling products. They also had an awesome drifting-style game setup whereby the winner took home a set of rims! Talk about giving back to the car community!

The beautiful and charming Miss MegaSpeed 2013 Melissa Danielle was on hand signing posters for her fans! Does this cutie ever not smile and make you feel welcomed? Nope, never.

It was also great to see Porsche tuning experts and HRE Wheels dealer SportsCarBoutique showing up with this GT3 Cup car and a modified Cayman. If there is any race car to want above all others, it is this one!

Other than the Porsche splendor, there was also a selection of exotics in an adjacent hall from ExoticCarTours including this Aston Martin Vantage, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360, and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. There was more horsepower in this row than most halls combined… kidding.

Over at the tuner hall, our good friends at NextMod brought out a selection of their beasts including a track all-motor RSX, widebody 370Z, and the notorious Mitsubishi Evolution.

Love your Nissan Skylines? How about the R34? Well RightDrive has the hook up and displayed this R34 GT-T that just came off the boat! For just under $20,000 (CAD) you  can be behind the wheel of this right-hand drive beast or hold off a few more months until the coveted GT-R becomes legal, but be sure to pony up the coin for it as well!

One of the biggest highlights at the show was none other than the Shining Monkey booth. In it was not one, but two legendary machines – the orange beast is a Nissan 370Z driven by Formula Drift pilot Chris Forsberg and the right Ford Fiesta is by the man himself Ken Block! Forsberg was on hand on Saturday and Sunday singing posters and posing with fans. Unfortunately, Block wasn’t able to attend the event due unbeknownst circumstances despite the advertisement of such and the disappointment of many.

Canada’s favourite blonde model, Ms. Alisha Lynn looking pretty as always! Lynn was on hand all weekend long signing posters and taking pics with fans. If you may recall, she was Miss MegaSpeed 2012 so to have her around again this year was a big surprise and one that many loved!

For the Euro crowd, this slammed VW Jetta from K&H was sitting on a set of Fifteen52 wheels – yup, the same type that Ken Block rides on! As APR Tuning specialists, reworking this Jetta’s engine management was no issue. Be sure to check these guys out for your VW and Audi needs!

Got boost? Thought so. This monster turbo Honda Civic drag car had even non-Honda fan boys drooling – including myself. How fast do you think this hot hatch runs the quarter mile?

It was great to see the Boersma Racing Honda Civic SiR turbo on display at the show. This red rocket won one of last year’s CSCS time attack classes and a well deserved win at that! We’ll be posting more on this awesome man and machine in the coming weeks especially considering that he’s part of Team AMF!

For the domestic crowd there were plenty of Ford, Chrysler, and GM cars scattered about. This 5.0-liter Mustang was a draw especially as it just came out of the paint booth weeks ago and had its candy apple red paint glistening! See the massive rear wheels? Ya, that’s a hint there’s power under the cowl hood. Show and go!

One of the biggest performance part stores coming up in the scene is that of and it is no wonder why – they have everything! From the usual DIY goodies of Plasti Dip to steering wheels, and having the beautiful Saven Mi on hand to help doesn’t hurt either!

One of the cleanest cars in the scene if not Canada is Tom Wilga’s TRD supercharged Toyota Celica. Every piece of this car has been reworked in some capacity and for this show, Wilga had redone the entire audio / visual setup. That is what you call dedication ladies and gentlemen!

Another awesome car in the scene that got many looks was John Weatherbie’s Mazda 3 sporting custom paint, a custom widebody aero kit and conversion, crazy concave wheels, and an incredible low stance. If you haven’t checked out this ride yet, be sure to do so this coming season and make notes!

Do you have a thing for bling? Then Brian “Elevated” Requena’s Civic hatch is one to make you cry with joy while wearing protective sunglasses from all the shiny bits. If you want to learn how to win shows and get street credit while doing so, have a talk with Requena about his build – it doesn’t get cleaner or more shaved than this!

No show would be complete without some motorsport influence in way of parts. Next to the booth was a NEO Motorsport display showing off their latest goods including big brake kits and coilovers. Unlike other brands, you won’t break the bank here and at the same time are tried, tested, and true on the street and circuit – just ask any of the pro drivers currently using their setups!

For all your accessories and parts, TOO FAST MOTORS was on hand giving away some crazy deals like HID kits for $60! Just across from them was an awesome selection of cars they sponsor and have helped build including a slammed 350Z and the eye-candy of all a Ferrari 430 Scuderia!

The Nissan GT-R (R35) – what show would ever be complete without one or two or three of these beasts? Gotta love the Koi fish graphic design on Godzilla.

Bringing out thousands of spectators and one of the largest selection of cars for any show in Toronto, the 2013 MegaSpeed show was a success. Despite hitting a few speed bumps throughout the weekend (mostly pertaining to the lack of a certain celebrity appearance), fans enjoyed the cars, stage presence and crowning of Miss MegaSpeed 2014. With this year in the books, it will be interesting to see how next year’s event pans out.

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Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec


November 20, 2012

CIAS 40th Charity Gala | Presented by MegaSpeed

Canadian International Auto Show 40th Charity Gala
Metro Toronto Convention Center
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 16th, 2012

Each year the Canadian International Auto Show alongside the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association host a charity gala to raise funds for a good cause. This year the theme (if you will) was all about Canadian motorsport legends such as Ron Fellows, Paul Tracy, Scott Goodyear, Richard Spenard, and Alex Tagliani. Furthermore, our good friends at BASF and MegaSpeed got together with other partners to build an incredible looking Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 that was to be auctioned off later in the evening.

Upon entering the hall where the gala was to take place, there were an assortment of iconic Canadian motorsport race cars like this #43 Chevrolet Camaro as well as Paul Tracy’s awesome looking IndyCar.

Starting off the night was well known Canadian comedian Mike Bullard with some opening words and shots at a few notable guests – in true Bullard fashion of course.

Canadian artist Ron Gibbs of Burlington, Ontario painted a commemorative hood depicting the Canadian motorsports legends honored at the gala along with the graphics on the Camaro ZL1.

The highlight of the auction was by far the custom ZL1 that has been customized with an incredible BASF paint job and graphics to start. The custom carbon fiber bits were produced by Multimatic of Markham and the wheel package courtesy of MegaSpeed thanks to MHT Wheels Inc. It is said that nearly $40,000 went into this one-off project build tallying up the vehicle’s value at nearly $100,000!

President of the Canadian International Auto Show Sandy Liguori and his beautiful wife pose for a photo op while enjoying the evening’s live entertainment.

One of the presenting partners of the charity gala was Nissan Canada seen here posing next to the event’s highlight celebrity and fellow Canadian Dan Aykroyd aka Blues Brother Elwood.

One stage for a good portion of the night was a Blues Brothers cover band that played all the awesome songs one would expect. Not only was their performance on point, but so was their appearance making it seem like the real-deal.

By the gala’s end, it was time for Blues Brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) himself to take the stage and rock out with the band. As if the alcohol and delicious multi-course meal didn’t already make people happy, rocking out to the very best blues n’ funk tunes sure did. People young and old took to the dance floor to strut their stuff – this is what good nights are made of!

A big thanks to the staff of the Canadian International Auto Show and MegaSpeed for the invite. Onto an incredible car show come February where all the new toys will be out on display!

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec



November 1, 2012

SEMA 2012: Day 3 | Presented by MegaSpeed

SEMA 2012: Day 3 | Presented by MegaSpeed
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
November 1st, 2012

Day 3 of SEMA continues with an assortment of cars ranging from tuner to muscle and even a monster truck! It is interesting to note that as the days of this car show go on, the high energy atmosphere coupled with the noise level begin to dwindle down. Walking through the various halls it is great to see auto manufacturers embrace the aftermarket industry and build one-off creations that capture the interest of not only industry folk, but enthusiasts alike.

In the Kia booth were a selection of cars done up like superheros. This Kia Optima was made in the Batman theme complete with graphics, custom aero, paint, and the obvious black / yellow colours.

Over at the Shining Monkey booth sat the beautiful Canadian-built Top Tuner Scion FR-S. Amongst the Scion Canada FR-S Tuner Challenge, this is our favorite as it is not over-the-top track oriented, but still able to hold its own.

This 1970 Camaro built by the Ring Brothers was unveiled in the BASF booth. Everything about this masterpiece is of the highest quality including that vintage-looking green paint.

Two of the many beautiful models at the show. Blonde or brunette – the battle will never end.

This Dodge Charger named “Punishment” was clean as ever with smoothed out body lines, two-tone grey / black theme, and powering it was a fully built new-age HEMI – but of course!

If you’re a fan of monster trucks than the name Grave Digger should make you jump out of your seat. After many seasons of competition, it seems that this champion truck has gotten a shiny make over thanks to Spectra Chrome paint. Who ever said that bad-ass trucks can’t look good too?

Another masterpiece creation from the Ring Brothers that made everyone in the Optima battery booth stop in their tracks. This orange carbon fiber Mustang puts out a massive 740 horsepower and like any Ring Brothers creation it doesn’t just look good, it also drives great! This is by far one of the best vintage Mustangs ever built and hopefully we can feature it in the coming months.

In the world of Euro tuning, the Audi S4 is royalty. This German bruiser is wrapped in an orange matte 3M vinyl and slammed on a set of Rotiform wheels.

One of the latest creations from the NSX gods at Science of Speed is this widebody / track attack Honda S2000. Everything about this car is perfect both inside and out. Be sure to keep your tab on this coupe as it will surely be going around the net with the buzz building over it.

For the rotary fans, here’s one of the rare RX-7s found at the show. If one thing’s for certain it is that this track beast not only puts down serious horsepower, but also looks impeccable while doing so. gotta love the front carbon fiber diffuser – pure JDM goodness!

Stay tuned all week long as we continue with updates LIVE from SEMA 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec


October 30, 2012

SEMA 2012: Day 1 | Presented by MegaSpeed

SEMA 2012: Day 1 | Presented by MegaSpeed
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
October 30th, 2012

The Specialty Equipment Market Association or better known as SEMA show kicked off as always at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center in Sin City. Crowds in the near million flock each and every year to catch the latest trends, products, services, and buzz about the world of all things automotive related. The event is held during one week and as such, we will be bringing updates from each day from everything ranging from hot cars, booths, and even the beautiful promotional models for which any onlooker can appreciate.

As always, outside the convention center are an assortment of unique rides like this slammed Lexus LS from Platinum VIP.

This is not your average Mercedes-Benz people mover especially when it’s sitting flush on a set of massive Forgestar wheels and rocking an AMG-inspired aero kit.

If off-roading is your thing, there are plenty of trucks to drool over like this Ford finished in a brushed-look vinyl wrap.

Got air ride? This Lexus GS was completely dumped and takes the whole VIP-tuning theme to another level.

Awesome comes in all forms and shapes at SEMA like these assortment of minimalist motorcycles riding on AVON tires.

A rare sight at any event is this Mosler MT900. Gotta love the flat finish and red accents throughout the car.

Amongst the mix of show cars were also plenty of race machines like the BERK BMW 1-series.

This 800 horsepower M5 is not your average German power house sedan, especially when under the hood sits two supercharges from G-Power (Germany). Capable of exceeding 300 km/h this V10 beast is all go with some incredible curb appeal.

Euro tuning has also come a long way with the likes of flush wheels and aero bits like this E-class Mercedes-Benz fitted with Carlsson parts.

A rare car in North America or anywhere is this Datsun 510 Bluebird. Powered by an SR20DET, this turbo vintage coupe is a go-kart on steroids.

Autokonexion built this monster all-carbon Miata to either scare children or whomever is brave enough to pilot it. Regardless of one’s take, it is immaculate and very unique for the roadster.

What does 034Motorsport and an Audi TT have in common? How about a full race DTM-style version ready to scare anyone on track!

One of the many gorgeous faces scattered about the SEMA grounds. This beauty was spotted in the Savini wheels booth outside and despite the hot weather, she was in great spirits welcoming all spectators for photo-ops.

One of the coolest looking Volkswagen Beetles of all time, especially considering it is the latest generation.

This matte Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG got many looks with its awesome widebody kit and matte finish. It is no wonder that matte is the popular choice of texture for exteriors this season, but will it carry onto 2013?

The Hennessey VR1200 made an appearance at SEMA and parked outside for anyone to drool over. This twin turbo 1,200+ horsepower beast is capable of 220 mph runs without ever letting up!

Outside in the Pioneer booth was this DJ spinning on the 1s and 2s. The best part of it all is the fact that he is a mere 10-years old!

The definition of being a true baller in any part of the world is by far the Rolls-Royce Phantom, especially when its customized in matte bronze and black – what a beautiful combination.

The Mercedes-Benz CLS model is beautiful in its own right, but add a widebody conversion, matte blue paint job, and some mean looking wheels and it takes this German luxury sedan into another level.

The famous Mazda 787 race car from the Le Mans series was parked in the Mazda booth and looking pristine as well as making everyone gravitate to it – is it any wonder?

The beautiful ladies from the HornBlasters booth were posing for photos with spectators and looking like good ole’ country gals!

This gorgeous sled was spotted in the Kinetik battery booth. Gorgeous wheels, immaculate paint, and countless hours of detailed workmanship has gone into making this a very unique metal masterpiece.

The king of videos – Mr. Ken Block was signing autographs in the Ford booth for most of the afternoon along side fellow Ford-backed drivers like Vaughn Gitten Jr.

Winner of the most coveted “show car” award in existence is this stunning red masterpiece parked in the BASF booth. Can you guess the award?

The legendary and quite possibly one of the most humble people in the industry, Mr. Chip Foose was in the BASF booth set to unveil his latest creation to a crowd of 100+ spectators and media folk. After a brief heartfelt speech, Chip pulled the covers off to the jaw-dropping amazement of onlookers.

The Foose designed masterpiece is this 1948 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible knonw as “Eldorod” was completely redone in BASF Glasurit 90-Line custom deep blue paint. To the surprise of many and Chip himself, this was the first-ever car that Chip designed during his days at Boyd’s Hot Rods and was the last car delivered before it closed down in 1998. An incredible story of an incredible car and a modern day automotive legend and role model for any gear head.

Stay tuned all week long as we continue with updates LIVE from SEMA 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec