February 3, 2014

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013

We love reading, writing, talking, reviewing, driving… basically doing anything we can with cars. We spend a lot of time on the net going through articles and we want to pass on that knowledge by way of #MorningCoffee. This is where we take the past 48-hours of auto related news and put it all in one place for you to read while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Have an awesome day!

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 2

Super Bowl MVP gets a new Chevy truck!

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 3

James Hunts’ Formula One car is up for grabs at the auction.

The BMW 4-series Gran Coupe.

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 4

The Super Bowl car ads you have to check out in our #WhatToWatch picks!

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 5

The EU wants car makers to fit electronic units in cars from the factory that they can use to turn your car off remotely.

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 6

Nissan GT-Rs and Novitec Ferraris… just too much awesome sauce in one place.

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 7

Why are all the F1 noses so ugly?

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 8

The Seinfeld reunion was for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 9

Australian V8’s mixed with Touring Cars, well that is the Global Touring Cars!

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 10

Porsche Boxter GTS spy shot.

The Need for Speed movie has ever car you want.

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 11

Mercedes-Benz adds a diesel hybrid option to the S class.

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 12

A guy racks up a $43,000 highway 407ETR bill.

How not to drive at a Cars and Coffee.

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 13

California drops charges against BYD in wage dispute.

#MorningCoffee | February 3, 2013 (THUMBNAIL) 14

Today’s car porn


September 22, 2013

What To Watch | September 22, 2013

It’s a Sunday morning (or afternoon for some) and you’re just getting into the groove of things. Unfortunately, morning cartoons just don’t do it for you so here’s some of our favorite videos from YouTube that should keep you entertained as you recover from your hangover, late night with friends, or while frying up some bacon!

Old school domestics are bad-ass, plain and simple. What if it was a 1965 Corvette with wide fenders and packing a 500 horsepower V8? Ya, thought so. Well Brian Hobaugh is the owner of this red rocket that has been passed down to him by his father – an enthusiast with racing in his blood. A great story of family and their love for cars.

What do you get when you shove an 1,100 horsepower 2JZ (Toyota Supra) engine in a lightweight BMW E30 M3? This insane blue devil! Watch as this E30 tries to keep it on the track through the corners and just keeps shredding rubber as powers through the apex. True insanity!

The McLaren F1 might be old by age, but it is still young in the hearts of journalists and enthusiasts. In fact, there is probably not a single person in the world who doesn’t think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well Jay Leno owns one (a black one to be exact) and due to a faulty part and maintenance routine, they have to rip out the F1’s engine. Now you can see what it looks like and be sure to wipe that drool of your face, this is ultimate #carporn!

Recorded during the Cars and Coffee XXL edition meet in smoky Amsterdam, this beautiful Audi RS6 Avant is unloaded from a flatbed. The specs on this wagon are mind blowing with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 under the hood good for 560hp! As if that wasn’t enough, the Avant goes from 0-60mph in only 3.9-seconds and tops out at 190mph! Never again will you think that station wagons are for families stuck in the 80’s… ever.