August 12, 2014

Nina Wee Charity Car & Bike Wash

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Nina Wee Presents: Help the Youth Shine One Wash at a Time
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
August 9th, 2014

On a bright and sunny day in the GTA, local motorcycle enthusiast, riding instructor and stunt rider Nina Wee was busy raising money for charity at RobzAuto. After planning for months, Nina put together a car and bike wash with the help of some friends to raise money for Toronto Youth Development.


The day served as both a hangout for enthusiasts and a fundraiser – it was the best of both worlds! Nina and her crew spent a lot of the day washing bikes and cars, showing us that they’re truly dedicated to the cause.



Many different rides got a wash, including this awesome slammed VW Eos hardtop on air. There’s something about bright red rims glistening wet in the sun that really make this ride stand out.


The support from the biker crowd was incredible. Bikes and riders of all shapes and sizes came out to hang out in the sun and show their support for this great charitable event.



This incredible custom cruiser got quite a bit of attention, and for good reason. The work on this cruiser is impeccably done, and it looks great with the leather accents.


Our friend DJ Brad Leshch had his Subaru STI present as well, looking amazing with the freshly painted candy-red style rims.


As cars and bikes got washed, the ‘Sons of Woodbridge’ were stunting on their 50cc pit bikes. These things look like an absolute blast.



As the event came to a close, it was time to give away the raffle prizes. Our buddy Brad of CanadianSubies took to the microphone to give away gift certificates, TFC tickets, helmets and a whole bunch of other cool prizes including a sweet pit bike which went to the one boy who wanted it most. The lucky little guy even got to have his picture taken with the beautiful Nina Wee herself!

I’m sure we speak on behalf of everyone involved when we extend our thanks to everyone who showed up and helped raise money for Toronto Youth Development. The event was a huge success, and Nina says she’ll be back to do it again next year. Until next year, Nina!


July 23, 2014

Tim and Brenda’s Place – Fourth Annual Cruise for the Cure

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Tim and Brenda’s Place
Tim Schmidt’s Estate
King City, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back for their fourth year running, and continuing the tradition of growing exponentially in size every year, Tim and Brenda once again opened the gates to their beautiful King City estate for one of Canada’s biggest one day car shows to raise money for Prostate Cancer Canada and Alzheimer Society of Ontario. Even when we expected the show to be bigger than ever, we were still surprised at the sheer size of the event. A little grey sky and some drizzle never hurt anybody, and the folks that really love this show weren’t about to let a bit of water rain on their parade.

Cars, trucks and bikes of all kinds showed up throughout the day. Show cars, street fighter sleepers, gigantic trucks and bass-heads alike rolled onto the massive section of land that Tim had been working hard since last year’s show to expand and flatten out enough for even the lowest of JDM imports. Some even came by trailer just to be at the show, like our friend Parker with his epic blacked out Denali. We’ll be shooting a feature on this insane build really soon, so stay tuned.

Tim and Brenda’s has always been a hot spot for muscle cars since its inception. You name a muslce car icon, and it was there. Hundreds of different makes, models and styles of classic and muscle cars rolled in to the show as soon as the gates opened, but it wasn’t all American this year.



Enlisting the help of key players in the local tuner scene like the Canadian Subies crew, Tim did a great job making sure that the import tuners and Euro guys knew they were welcome too. For the first time since the show’s beginning, the tuner crowd had their very own section of the show, and rolled in by the hundreds.



Also new to this year’s show was the Mustang corral presented by Summit Ford. The Mustang corral was filled with various takes on different generations of Mustangs through the years. From low-riding super street Cobra’s to legendary muscle icons like the Mach 1, the booth had something to please both hardcore tuners and the die-hard classic muscle fans.


A ‘Vendor Village’ was also set up for local shops and services to showcase their work to potential customers and curious enthusiasts. RestyleIt even brought out their newly wrapped Range Rover.



There was even a section dedicated to our brothers and sisters who prefer to travel on two wheels. The quality of some of these custom builds and airbrush jobs was second to none, and was consistent with the quality of bikes you would find at the Motorcycle Supershow.



Just like in previous years, Tim opened up his stunning collection to the eyes of the public. There were a couple new additions since the last time we were here to shoot his garage, including a newly wrapped Rolls, and this eye-catching wide-body Bentley on matching rims.


In the other room of Tim’s garage was Danny “The Count” Koker of Counting Cars, signing autographs and meeting fans for photo-ops. You really get a sense of how many fans he has at the show when people are waiting half an hour or more to meet him.


With the sheer amount of vehicles that show up to the event, it takes a lot to stand out among the crowd. A 1965 C10 that airs down low enough to sit its frame on the ground does the job pretty well. Add in some awesome custom rear-end modification and some big, rusty, riveted wheel arches, and you’ve got yourself a serious head turner.



The owners of this Lamborghini weren’t about to let the rain scare them off, and we’re thankful they held out. It’s not every day you get to photograph a soaking wet white Lamborghini Aventador.



There are few muscle cars as rare, and as mean looking, as a Plymouth Barracuda. The big scoop on this 67 ‘Cuda just screams “get out of the way”.




After a wicked performance by The Carpet Frogs and Rik Emmett of Triumph, which included a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Fortunate Son, Tim and Nick of The Carpet Frogs auctioned off a beautiful 1 of 100 Gibson J-55 acoustic guitars, signed by legends such as Alice Cooper, Burton Cummings, Danny Koker, The Trews and more. The guitar went for a cool $6500 at public auction for charity, a nice portion of the total $100,000 raised for the two charities.

Tim and Brenda’s show really is one of those shows that we can barely do justice to. There are just so many incredible cars in one place for the day. We may have to do a Tim and Brenda’s Part 2 just to include some of the honourable mentions that we didn’t talk about here, but be sure to check out our high-res gallery below for your favourites. Thanks again to Tim, Brenda and the whole team up there in King City for bringing us yet another highlight of the 2014 season. Tim tells us he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve planned for their big 5th anniversary next year, and we can’t wait to see how much bigger this show can get. Until next year!


June 12, 2014

Super Tuner 5 | Presented by Brimell Scion

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Super Tuner 5 | Presented by Brimell Scion
Brimell Scion / Toyota
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
June 8th, 2014

It was an overcast day in Scarborough this past Sunday, but that didn’t stop car enthusiasts and bikers alike from coming out to Brimell Scion‘s Super Tuner 5. The fifth annual show featured music, great food, a pit stop challenge, and a nice $500 cash prize for the best in show.



Out front, Brimell Scion had a multicoloured line up of new FR-S, as well as this badass looking race-inspired Scion iQ. This thing just screams “fun”.


The Lick Your Lips crew showed up looking clean for this show, especially this blue civic hatch with the purple engine bay. The purple lug nuts on the wheels are a nice subtle touch to complete this look.


These two matching BMW’s looked stunning beside each other. We would love to know the story behind these two colourful matching builds. If you’re out there reading this, contact us!



This sleek blue wrapped Lexus was conveniently parked next to a bright orange counter part. The orange, however, is no wrap. That was the day’s winner for best paint. A well deserved award for sure.


A good amount of bikers showed up despite the high chance of rain (it did end up raining towards the end of the day), including the rider of this gorgeous Triumph Daytona 675R. A rare sight at any show, this bike is absolutely stunning from all angles, and the colour scheme works well with the shape.


Our friend Dan brought his Subaru by the booth to represent #TeamAMF. This early-model coupe 2.5RS has recently been fitted with the 22B wide-body kit and white Work S1’s. “Stunning” hardly does this bright blue beast any justice.


This Volvo C30 had a unique take on wrapping the car. The snow camouflage on this hatch was made up of several individual pieces, overlapping each other to cover the whole car. The roof rack lends a rugged look to the ride, as well as some added practicality.



It wasn’t long before the ultimate show-stopper came to the party. It was funny to see how everyone’s attention instantly shifted focus to one of the first (and cleanest) Skyline R34’s in the area. We can’t wait until these are a more common sight around here.

Super Tuner 5 - GP_AMF -7


I think we’re speaking on behalf of all who attended the event when we say we are thankful for Brimell Scion’s gracious hosting and welcoming staff. Every year, this event gets bigger and more impressive, and we know that if it continues, it is going to keep growing. A big thanks goes out to the sponsors, fans and drivers that make this event what it is. Until next year!

For more information, please contact Brimell Scion / Toyota

Photos: Adam Gordon & Giancarlo Pawelec


June 5, 2014

Touge Tuning Charity Car Wash

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Touge Tuning Open House & Charity Car Wash
996 Westport Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Although we arrived on the scene towards the end of the day, there was still a good variety of cars and drivers at Touge Tuning’s open house and car wash for charity this past Sunday. The Mississauga-based forced induction specialist shop held the event to raise money for charity by offering both 2WD and AWD dyno pulls throughout the day.


Touge Tuning specializes in Subarus, so as you can imagine, the WRX’s and STI’s were the stars of this show. Subaru crews from around the region came out to soak up the sun and rock out with the DJ. International Aero Products was also there, offering demos of their revolutionary cleaning products.


We also spotted our buddy Brad of Canadian Subies, parked alongside some fellow blue crew members. Brad has registered for Time Attack in the upcoming CSCS events, so be sure to keep an eye out for his blue and green hatchback on the track!


The Next Level crew was present as well, looking clean and mean as always. You can always count on these guys to show up on show day.


This Evo’s mug looks as aggressive as they come, even in bright yellow. Thanks to some awesome modification, this Mitsubishi packs some serious power, and looks the part.


Our buddy Manny showed up in his GLI on Maserati wheels that we recently mentioned in our Fitted Lifestyle show coverage. Since then, he’s gone for the Euro-yellow front lights, and fitted a rear roof spoiler.



This Civic EL with a sleek full kit was fitted with some really cool custom rims, painted to match the pearly white of the rest of the car. This is a great example of doing something off-the-wall unique, and still keeping the look clean.


This is one serious bug-eye. Built by Can-Jam Motorsports and Touge Tuning, you can bet that this blue beast is all business. The wide offset and black flares really beef up the look of this ride.

On behalf of everyone who attended, we would like to thank Touge Tuning for having us, and for doing it for a good cause. These guys take a lot of pride in their work, and it’s clear that they’re doing what they do well. We look forward to seeing what these guys come up with for years to come.


December 5, 2013

How Paul Walker’s Death Has Turned Toronto’s Tuner Scene into a Pissing Match

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Sunday morning your Facebook feeds were filled with shock of your friends with the death of Paul Walker. He was our generation’s Carroll Shelby, not because he built a crazy sports car or won a ton of races, no he helped build the tuner scene on the big screen. We watched him grow into a gear head through all but one of the versions of the Fast and Furious franchise.

In the days that followed – like any celebrity death the news trickled in and out – and we are still left hanging in this unknown of what actually happened, but in the end does it matter? Two people lost their lives (as a lot of people are glazing over Roger Rodas’ death as well), two families are torn apart and everyone is left sad.

How Paul Walker's Death Has Turned Toronto's Tuner Scene into a Pissing Match (2)

So how do you fix that sadness? Well a lot of the Toronto tuner community has been talking about doing a memorial cruise to raise money for Paul Walker’s foundation It is a great idea, but it has quickly (and sadly) turned into a pissing match with three groups now wanting to all cruise on the same day. Now the smart idea would be for everyone to follow up with the first group and send their followers there, because in the end this is about raising money for charity and not about who’s name is presenting the cruise!

That common tuner spirit has lost its way as the “Wal-Mart of meets” has done it’s very best to muscle in wherever it can. To add insult to the situation they are pushing their own name and its “sponsors” within its advertisement for the cruise, a true act of classlessness.

What we are left with is a divide between the first to announce and the biggest in town. Its sad really and it gives a good sneak peak into how next summer will be.

How Paul Walker's Death Has Turned Toronto's Tuner Scene into a Pissing Match (3)

As for me, well I have donated $100 to and to honor the late Paul Walker I will be taking my car to a parking lot and revving the hell out of it as I speed to a nearby guardrail shifting 8 times only to put my car into a spin then walking into the AMF office and yelling “My car topped out at 140mph this morning… I need NOS!”

Want to do something positive? DONATE to ROWW —-> HERE!

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa


September 19, 2013

Stouffville Motorfest 2013

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Stouffville Motorfest 2013
Teva Grounds
Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
September 14, 2013

Since 2009, the community that attends Stouffville’s Motorfest has been growing exponentially year by year. The show started with a group of enthusiasts who wanted to gather the local car scene together and raise money for a deserving charity. A few years later, the plan came to life as the Stouffville Motorfest became an official donor to Teen Challenge GTA, a charity aimed at helping young people overcome addictions of all kinds.

As the show went on through the years, the annual summer gathering became bigger each year, eventually becoming what we saw on Saturday: A big, diverse community with a common passion: Nice cars. Now that the show is one of Ontario’s premier car shows, you can imagine the quality that attends the meet. Variety was the name of the game as hundreds upon hundreds of cars filled up several parking lots, open fields and even the surrounding town. Let’s dive in, shall we?

One of the first things noticeable from the road on the way in was this super rare 1975 Bricklin SV-1 in show-worthy condition. Its gull-wing doors stretching high into the air demanded a glance or two from passing drivers.

Is there a Mr. Bond in the house? This Aston Martin DB7, also visible from the road, was proudly waving the flag of its true heritage.


The show was especially popular among the hot-rod crews from the surrounding areas. As you can imagine, these guys made quite the noise.


Good old fashioned muscle was a big theme here as well, and this Plymouth Barracuda was a stunning example.

Custom trucks were a big part of the show. This awesome S10, which we also spotted recently at Torque Modified, drew a lot of attention. It was a clear favourite among many mini-truck fans.

Here’s a new one. We weren’t kidding when we said variety was the name of the game. This V8-swapped RX7 was really one of those love-it-or-hate it ordeals. We love it.


One of the more outrageous vehicles was this restored, and fully functional, sprint car, which made well in excess of 700 all-motor horsepower.


We spotted these two classic beauties in one of the lot’s corners. Does anyone recognize these two from Tim’s garage?

As always, we would like to thank everyone who made this show possible. We’re excited to see Stouffville Motorfest growing so quickly, and we look forward to seeing what future years bring to this great show for a great cause. If you’re a classic or custom fan, this one is a must-see!

For more information, visit Stouffville Motorfest


July 23, 2013

Tim and Brenda’s 3rd Annual Cruise for the Cure Show ‘n Shine

Tim and Brenda’s 3rd Annual Cruise for the Cure
MHS Farms
King City, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, July 21st, 2013

This past Sunday, King City car collector Tim Schmidt, opened up the doors of the family estate to the public for a massive charity show ‘n shine. For the third year in a row, classic, rare and eccentric car owners came in spades to the countryside to enjoy the day at Tim and Brenda’s place. Drivers, spectators and family alike were treated to a wide variety of entertainment, ranging from live bands to an inflatable bouncy playground for the kids. In addition, guests were also able to walk through Brenda’s barn, home to 6 beautiful horses, appropriately named after some of Tim’s mightiest cars.


As soon as 9 m hit, the gates were open to an eager and early line of cars. It’s a good thing Tim and Brenda have a large property, because the size of the show has been growing exponentially since its inception and this year was no exception. Row by row, classics, muscle cars and hot rods began to fill the judging area. As the day went by, the variety of the cars grew, as classic exotics, donks and some real automotive gems made their way to the show.


Towards the back of the estate, Tim’s garage was opened up as a showcase of his car collection. His newly-wrapped chrome blue GT-R, which was absent when we first took an inside look at his garage, was sitting pretty next to his muscle cars. There was even a cake for Tim’s birthday made to look just like this car!


If rare, gorgeous and powerful is your thing, you might like this HEMI Cuda almost as much as we do. Looking absolutely stunning, this black beauty stole the show, and drew a constant crowd throughout the day. This is truly a timeless dream car.


Adding to the list of legendary muscle cars was this beautifully rebuilt drop-top GTO ‘Judge’, rolling with a group of other GTO drivers.



Not all of the legendary status belongs to the muscle. Take a look at this incredible Lamborghini Diablo SV flexing for the camera.


The custom and hot rod crews of the surrounding area also made their presence known at the event. Some of the attention to detail was beyond impressive.

By the end of the day, as tired guests and awarded drivers packed up to go, Tim and Brenda’s 3rd Annual Cruise for the Cure hosted over 600 cars with the goal of raising $100,000 for Prostate Cancer Canada and Shriners Hospital for Children. Until next year, Tim and Brenda!

For more information, please visit Tim and Brend’s Place


November 20, 2012

CIAS 40th Charity Gala | Presented by MegaSpeed

Canadian International Auto Show 40th Charity Gala
Metro Toronto Convention Center
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 16th, 2012

Each year the Canadian International Auto Show alongside the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association host a charity gala to raise funds for a good cause. This year the theme (if you will) was all about Canadian motorsport legends such as Ron Fellows, Paul Tracy, Scott Goodyear, Richard Spenard, and Alex Tagliani. Furthermore, our good friends at BASF and MegaSpeed got together with other partners to build an incredible looking Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 that was to be auctioned off later in the evening.

Upon entering the hall where the gala was to take place, there were an assortment of iconic Canadian motorsport race cars like this #43 Chevrolet Camaro as well as Paul Tracy’s awesome looking IndyCar.

Starting off the night was well known Canadian comedian Mike Bullard with some opening words and shots at a few notable guests – in true Bullard fashion of course.

Canadian artist Ron Gibbs of Burlington, Ontario painted a commemorative hood depicting the Canadian motorsports legends honored at the gala along with the graphics on the Camaro ZL1.

The highlight of the auction was by far the custom ZL1 that has been customized with an incredible BASF paint job and graphics to start. The custom carbon fiber bits were produced by Multimatic of Markham and the wheel package courtesy of MegaSpeed thanks to MHT Wheels Inc. It is said that nearly $40,000 went into this one-off project build tallying up the vehicle’s value at nearly $100,000!

President of the Canadian International Auto Show Sandy Liguori and his beautiful wife pose for a photo op while enjoying the evening’s live entertainment.

One of the presenting partners of the charity gala was Nissan Canada seen here posing next to the event’s highlight celebrity and fellow Canadian Dan Aykroyd aka Blues Brother Elwood.

One stage for a good portion of the night was a Blues Brothers cover band that played all the awesome songs one would expect. Not only was their performance on point, but so was their appearance making it seem like the real-deal.

By the gala’s end, it was time for Blues Brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) himself to take the stage and rock out with the band. As if the alcohol and delicious multi-course meal didn’t already make people happy, rocking out to the very best blues n’ funk tunes sure did. People young and old took to the dance floor to strut their stuff – this is what good nights are made of!

A big thanks to the staff of the Canadian International Auto Show and MegaSpeed for the invite. Onto an incredible car show come February where all the new toys will be out on display!

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec


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