May 25, 2015

Ertefa Season Opener 2015

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Ertefa Season Opener 2015
Markham Fair
Markham, Ontario, Canada
May 21st, 2015

It’s been nearly a year since Ertefa’s last event, which at the time was an organized meet in Mississauga. After much anticipation, news spread of what would be their first-ever show for the crew and held at the coveted Markham Fair. With warm days finally here and the tuner season well underway in Canada, the timing for this show couldn’t be better. Even for spectators, the $10 entry fee was more than welcoming – gearheads or not.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 2

With the gates slated to open at 6pm, car show participants arrived early to setup. Like the previous events they organized, the selection of cars was vast – like this matte black slammed 240SX.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 3

What’s not to love about a white EVO X fitted with an AMS Performance intercooler, canards, and perfectly fitted rollers.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 4

Camo-wrapped Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – yes please! Finding German car enthusiasts going above the usual plain Euro style is always a pleasure to see, especially when it’s in-your-face like this one.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 5

Once everyone found their designated show spot, it was time to get those cleaning products out and start the compulsive-polishing routine… you know the one.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 6

A bit of contrast never hurt anyone. To think that nearly 50 year separates these two machines, yet each are a champion in their own right. To the left is a 60’s Mini and to the right is a 2010s Evolution X.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 7

Other than the cars hard-parked outside, there were a handful of indoor venues housing an array of other rides. This beautiful red BMW 3-series is properly slammed.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 8

The RocketBunny phenomenon has quickly swept North America, especially amongst the Scion FR-S crowd. This Jelly-Bean blue FR-S has been spotted at a few events and by the looks of it, is not stopping anytime soon.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 9

If you’re a Subaru fan this bug-eye wagon puts a smile on your face. Classic fitment and choice of Volk Racing TE73 wheels finished in white, white-lettered rubber, and a matching guitar on display – definitely something you don’t see everyday.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 10

Back outside, the sun was starting its downward descent. This lime green vintage VW Beetle seems perfectly nostalgic hard-parked with the sun flare in the background.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 11

By 6pm, the doors opened and the line of cars heading into the gated entrance continued to roll in. Spotted this beautiful gunmetal GC8 Impreza rolling in and looking proper on gold concave wheels.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 12

With the sun setting in the background, show spectators continued to pile into the Markham Fair.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 13

Even some supercars decided to cruise and check out the show. Love them or not, the 458 Italia truly is a timeless design.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 14

For the off-road junkies, a group of Jeeps decided to check out the show as well. By 9pm and the show in full swing, the line extended far into the street. Thankfully the show staff and York Region Police on-hand kept things calm and organized.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 15

The latest beauty from the Lamborghini corral is this 610-horsepower Huracan. According to the plate “PREENUP” it seems that someone is thankful to have a good divorce attorney, kidding!

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 16

With the sun finally gone and night setting in, some spectators decided to head out and others continued to roll in. There was a line-up of nearly 30-minutes to get into the venue. This can only mean one thing, people want more!

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 17

By the end of the night, there were mixed feelings from the crowd. Many were used to the usual selection of cars found at local hangouts, while others (not familiar with the tuner scene) were able to experience something new – all thanks in part to mainstream media such as Z103.5 advertising the show. The entry fee of $10 was spot on and although line-ups were long, the venue seemed fitting. Thanks to good organization from the Ertefa crew and the support of York Region Police, there were no incidents and everyone had a great time – this is what the Canadian tuner scene is really about!

For more information, please visit Ertefa 

Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec and Markis Sarkis


September 18, 2014

BMW True North – Year End Show ‘n Shine

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BMW True North – Year End Show ‘n Shine
ReStyleIt (Markham)
Markham, Ontario, Canada
September 14th, 2014

With gloomy clouds and chilly winds setting in, it is a safe bet to say that the Canadian tuner show season is wrapping up. The folks over at BMW True North held their year end show ‘n shine at the ReStyleIt Markham location and without question, it was packed. From the start of roll-in, all kinds of BMW vehicles from across the city gathered ranging from vintage to modern, and the odd rarity.

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 2

One of the nicest BMW E46 M3s in the scene is this matte purple beauty owned by Randy of BimmerCruise. Stay tuned for a feature on this gem!

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 3

If white BMWs are your thing, well there were plenty of them lined up thanks to the APH Dyno crew.

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 4

No Euro event (especially a BMW one such as this) is complete without some old school E30 love. This fine glossy black example is definitely envy worthy.

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 5

One of the fine Alpha Motorsports track-spec M3s came out to show support. Despite being an uncommon colour, it’s certainly packing some serious power under the hood.

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 6

If green is your thing or discretion isn’t your forte, this E92 M3 rolling on sweet Volk Racing TE37SL wheels should do the trick.

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 7

One of the most sought-after BMW vehicles which was only produced for a decade is none other than this stunning 8-series. These luxury sport coupes were in a league of their own during the time and came with either a V8 or V12 power plant.

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 8

For those like myself who have a thing of big sedans and wagons with power, then this will make your jaw drop. Under the hood of this unassuming 5-series people-carrier is packing a 400hp S62 V8 engine from the M5 – now this is what you call practical!

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 9

Although there’s nothing German or BMW about this beauty, who could ever knock it? Back in the 60s when American Carroll Shelby wanted to hunt down cars at the race track, he chose a tiny AC coupe like this one and threw in a Ford V8 calling it a “Shelby Cobra”. Although this gunmetal specimen is most likely a kit-car, it is still an amazing machine to be appreciated… even if it wasn’t built in Deutschland.

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 10

If you like your car with curves then maybe this monstrous widebody 3-series will soothe your soul. Not sure what it’s packing under the hood, but given the wide stance, massive tires, and large exhaust, it’s safe to assume it’s making some serious power.

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 11

Nothing screams vintage BMW more than a rare 2002 Turbo. This little coupe along with a few other models are what made BMW cars what they are today and launched them into the ‘performance driving machine’ realm. Nothing like the added touch of HELLA lights, mesh wheels, and racing livery!

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 12

Our friends at Elite Custom Car Storage was out in support of #BMWTrueNorth with a couple of their client vehicles. The first is an ubber rare BMW Z8, one of only 2,543 brought to North America and most recognizable for it’s roll in James Bond – The World Is Not Enough. Just next to is Slavik Koval‘s beautiful Art Car-inspired E46 M3 that is not only track-spec and boosted, but it’s also always driven hard!

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 13

As if things couldn’t get more unusual, this rat-rod Chevrolet pick-up was a sight to see. Despite it being slammed on the ground thanks to air ride suspension, it also packed some serious muscle under the hood in way of a powerful V8.

BMW True North - Year End Show 'n Shine - GP_AMF -58

A big congratulations to all the winners of the show ‘n shine competition, there truly were some amazing rides! Also, a big thanks to all the organizers and sponsors for making this event a huge success once again. Until next season!


June 4, 2014

Restyle It’s Colourful BBQ

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Restyle It BBQ
2650 John Street
Markham, Ontario, Canada
June 1st, 2014

If there was ever a car event you could see from a mile away, it would have to be the colourful collection at Restyle It’s showcase and barbecue for Sick Kids. The increasingly popular graphics shop put together the barbecue in order to showcase some of the finest examples of their work from the past few seasons up to now. On a day that was jam-packed with events throughout the city, Restyle It still managed to bring out one of the larger turn outs.


Like we mentioned above, it was a colourful event. Every colour in the spectrum was sitting around the DJ and free BBQ in the Restyle It lot. Wraps ranged from chrome finishes to the latest satin colours that looked absolutely stunning in the bright sun.


This Lamborghini Aventador that we had recently seen in matte black at Eurocharged and at Signature Luxury Division had just recently undergone a colour change, wrapped in this gun metal chrome that adds even more shock-value to the image of the low riding, carbon accented V12 bull.


Carm of Premier Tire brought out his Restyle It-wrapped Range Rover with freshly fitted matching and glowing 24-inch Forgiatos that fit this ride just perfectly.



For those of you that like the yellow, but prefer to keep it a little more subtle, maybe this BMW 3-series drop-top is your kind of thing. With aggressive and unique kit accents and a matching interior, this is one build where the owner went all-out and it worked really well.


This matte white Audi R8 with a Rieger kit on black wheels is exactly what an Audi R8 should be – low, gorgeous and fast. Black wheels, in combination with the carbon side panel, really compliment the deep grooves in the white kit.


We would like to thank Restyle It for the awesome event, as well as the hot dogs. The shop has shown that they are committed to being involved in our local automotive community, and delivering some high quality work. Thanks to the charity BBQ, they managed to raise $1,000 for Sick Kids in just one afternoon. Keep an eye out for their insignia on the cars they’ve wrapped in our area through the season!


April 17, 2013

MBWorld Toronto C63 AMG Meet

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MBWorld – Toronto | C63 AMG Meet
Undisclosed Location
Markham, Ontario, Canada
April 14th, 2013

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon when the MBWorld Toronto (C63 AMG) chapter gathered for a meet just north of the city. The meet was one of a loosely organized nature bringing cars from all over the Greater Toronto Area and ranging from the usual Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG sedan to coupes.

A little background information on the iconic Mercedes-Benz brand tells a story of not only the first petrol-powered car back in 1886, but of over a century of automotive engineering feats above and beyond all other car manufacturers. The iconic brand name didn’t appear until three decades later known at the time as Daimler-Benz and hails from the motorsport-enfused city of Stuttgart, Germany. Mercedes-Benz and its star emblem have always been synonymous with comfort and luxury in way of the automobile, but as of recent the push for high performance products have become ever so apparent case in point, the C63 AMG. Set to rival BMW’s popular M3 and Audi’s S4, the C63 AMG makes minced meat of its Bavarian rivals.

There were a total of 16 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMGs at the meet resulting in a combined power out put of nearly 10,000 horsepower! Adding to the great turn out is the variation of C63s that ranged not only in terms of year-generation, but also levels of modifications. The king of the hill that day was without question the white BlackSeries coupe (middle of photo) not only for its hefty $115,000 (CAD) price tag and rarity of only 30 units within Canada, but more so for the massive 510 horsepower from the massaged 6.2-liter V-8 under the bonnet.

Each C63 AMG packs a 6.2-liter V8 that produces a limited 451 horsepower capable of launching the German sedan / coupe from 0 – 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. There is a option to get the Performance Plus package from Mercedes-Benz when ordering the German panzer, which bumps power up to 481 horsepower with the addition of a limited-slip differentials, red brake calipers, carbon fiber trim, top speed raised to 280 km/h, and more for an additional $6,000 (CAD).

Like any true German creation, much dedication and fine tuning has gone into each and every AMG. For the added assurance Mercedes-Benz has an engraved plate on each engine with the builder’s signature, a nice touch that pays homage to its racing roots while injecting that extra bit of specialty element.

One of the many modified C63 AMG sedans at the meet looking very inconspicuous with its perfectly fitted wheels and carbon fiber vented hood.

For a little more in-your-face appearance, this gunmetal C63 had tinted the headlights, blacked out the grill, and is sporting a carbon fiber front lip spoiler. How about that slammed look? Yup, something was definitely done to the suspension as well because that is surely not stock ride height.

The face-lifted (newer) C63 AMG is less aggressive in way of styling and more sleek, some love it others don’t. In the case of this one which has been wrapped in a matte grey vinyl and sporting some mean ADV.1 wheels. Clean is the method to this madness and I simply love it!

For the sport-minded drivers, there was one lucky gent who rolled up in a matte black coupe and rolling on some black wheels with polished lip. A little more carbon fiber aero bits and I think the traditional Euro turners would approve.

Part of the beauty of any AMG are the massive brakes found all around, in this case (due to the red calipers) this is the performance plus package on this C63. Who needs brake upgrades when they look and perform amazing from factory? This is why you buy an AMG… among other reasons.

In true German V8 fashion, the meet concluded with a little “clutch slip” (by accident Mr. Police Officer) even though all AMGs are automatic. How else can one show the raw tire-melting pleasure of owning a sub-500 horsepower German bruiser than by a celebratory send off? If Mercedes-Benz  plans on selling more of these incredible sedans / coupes, maybe they should consider making all their ads look like this; food for thought.

It was a pleasure meeting the MBWorld Toronto members and checking out their beautiful machines. Hopefully this summer will bring an even bigger meet gathering all AMGs from across the city (or even province) if possible. Regardless, the weather was ideal, the cars were a dream, and no one could ever say that a V8 sounds bad – WIN, WIN, WIN! Hopefully the M3 and S4 clubs don’t get too intimidated by this piece or not…

For more information, please visit

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec


October 17, 2012

Models of Import Expo 2012

Import Expo 2012
Markham Fairgrounds
Markham, Ontario, Canada
October 13th, 2012

Just a few days ago one of Canada’s premiere tuner show closed out the season. Our coverage of Import Expo was well received especially considering the 200+ photo gallery which includes pretty much every competitor vehicle and the awards. What sets tuner shows apart from other automotive events like the more formal Canadian International Auto Show are the lovely ladies representing the exhibitors dressed in everything from tight one-piece suits to the usual baby t-shirt and booty shorts.

In the MissSexy booth was none other than the Russian-Chinese bombshell Mandy Monroe giving off her seductive looks as usual!

Upcoming star in the Canadian tuner scene and 2013 Miss MegaSpeed Melissa Danielle was looking sharp in her matching red dress next to the Import Expo NSX, even her hair matched!

Yes she’s a brunette and yes she is wearing a skimpy outfit, but who would refuse taking a photo or posing next to this beauty? Car or girl – just kidding!

Soon to be featured on AMF is the always charming Nana Akimoto. If you love all things JDM, then Nana is the model of choice for you especially with her cute stature!

Curves in all the right places is what this beauty is all about, even her pose commands attention and well deserved too!

In the AMF booth we had two of the ‘AMF Angels’ handing out our flyers, posing for pics, and as always selling our goodies to fans! The blonde bombshell is none other than Shannon Lee and the brunette vixen is Sabina Kay. Blonde or brunette – which would you pick?

By far the one model that stole the show and got photographers trigger happy was this fit and gorgeous brunette rocking the best “little black dress” ever seen on a tuner model! If anyone knows her name, feel free to post up as we would love to feature her and possibly make her into an ‘AMF Angel’ – what do you think?

Check out the Official Import Expo Event Coverage by AMF!

For more information, please visit Import Expo

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec


October 15, 2012

Import Expo 2012

Import Expo 2012
Markham Fairgrounds
Markham, Ontario, Canada
October 13th, 2012

Import Expo has become known as the season-ending event in the Canadian tuner scene and this year was no different. Marking its third year of this event, everyone was excited for it despite the foul weather of cold winds and rain. Unlike the previous year, this time around four halls were used to house the exhibitors and competitor vehicles. Cars from all across Ontario showed up including a few from the United States as far as New Jersey!

AMF was lucky to be the Official Media Partner for Import Expo 2012 and as such, Hall 4 was given to us as a showcase which as always included some awesome cars on display, DJ Playa on the decks, and the ‘AMF Angels’ Shannon and Sabina. This particular red rocket is from Boersma Racing and is a boosted Honda Civic SiR that is also the 2012 CSCS Super Street FWD Champion!

The crew from Kplayground had an assortment of their Honda Civics out in full force from almost every late-gen.

The Lick Your Lips car club had an awesome showcase that included a all sorts of Civics and a Mustang too! The best part was of course the ice sculpture on display. The last time I saw a sculpture like these was in the good old days of Hot Import Nights when car clubs would go all out, glad to know that LYL is stepping up the game for everyone!

Battleground Performance had an awesome display with these two slammed Civic hatchbacks rocking no hoods and in full display.

The Yonaka Motorsports Scion FR-S was looking awesome with its factory orange paint, massive Forgestar wheels wrapped in Toyo rubber, and other performance goodies!

This “sleeper” Toyota Camry isn’t your average grocery getter, especially when there is a massive HKS T51R turbocharger under the hood putting out 860+ horsepower! Dynamotorsports is responsible for this build and we’re eager to feature it in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Over at the Teknotik booth there were an array of awesome Honda machines like this fully built RSX with enough aero to make it stick to any surface. Gotta love the matte gray paint job and polished wheels – what a great concept!

Another champion and his chariot at the show was James Houghton’s Integra Type R – 2012 CSCS FWD lap record holder with a 1.16.520! If you wanna know what time attack is like from the driver’s seat, be sure to ask Houghton and he’ll gladly tell you.

No show would be complete without some beautiful ladies in way of eye candy. We spotted this brunette bombshell near the Import Expo NSX demo car and by the looks of it both have beautiful curves in all right places!

It has been a handful of years since chameleon paint has been in the scene and by the looks of it, there seems to be a resurgence. This blue-green Honda Fit is rocking all the right parts including SSR wheels and yes, that is an intercooler tucked just behind the front bumper. Kudos to the owner for not only being creative with such a small car, but with bringing a new dimension to the tuner scene in Canada.

This EG Civic made girls scream and men drool as they passed by. What you see before you is an all out show car that not only looks good, but will also lay down rubber albeit through the massively wide front wheels. This car along with a few others made the trek all the way from United States to show their support and make their mark – point made!

By around 11pm, the award ceremony had begun with Hall 1 packed full of competitors and spectators waiting to see who took top honours. Needless to say the vibe was good in the room and so were the beautiful models presenting the awards to the winners.

The Lick Your Lips car club took home “Biggest Team” with a huge number of their members competing and parked up in Hall 4 – same hall as the AMF showcase! Not only did they bring a great selection of cars, but they also had an ice sculpture as part of their display – that is what you call dedication. Kudos to them!

Taking home the “Best of Show” award complete with trophy and prize money was Kenny Vince of New Jersey. His car you ask? The highly modified Honda Civic EG that has a custom widebody, paint, turbocharged powerplant, and everything else you can imagine to be a top show car!

For more information, please visit Import Expo

Be sure to check out our past coverage of this awesome event!

Import Expo 2010
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Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec


October 13, 2012

#MorningCoffee | Import Expo 2012

Today marks the 3rd annual Import Expo event and AMF is not only happy for its success, but is also proud to announce that we’re the Official Media Partner for this great show! The show is held at the infamous Markham Fairgrounds (McCowan Road & Elgin Mills Road) and runs from 3pm – 12am. As the Canadian season-ending show, everyone will be out in full force for one last time before vehicles go into storage, get ripped apart over the winter months, and most go into hibernation due to the cold weather.

There are four main halls packed with four main attractions, including the AMF booth as one of them complete with two awesome Honda machines on display, our awesome DJ, and the gorgeous ‘AMF Angels’ as per usual. Come one, come all and be sure to stop by our booth to pick up some AMF merchandise which we will have for sale!

Location: Markham Fairgrounds (10801 McCowan Road  Markham, Ontario, Canada)
Time: 3:00pm – 12:00am
Tickets: $20 @ Door

For more information, please visit Import Expo

Check out our past coverage of Import Expo since the very first one back in 2010!

Import Expo 2010
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Import Expo 2011 – Track Event

Words: Giancarlo Pawelec
Photos: Import Expo, Shannon Lee, and Sabina Kay


September 28, 2012

#MegaMeet Car Meet

#MashUp Car Meet | Presented by MegaSpeed
Michal-Angelo’s Market Place
Markham, Ontario, Canada
September 27th, 2012

The first-ever #MashUp car meet last week was a great success, since then the car meet name has been changed to #MegaMeet. The decision to change the name was not an easy one, but it had to be done considering both MegaSpeed and AMF wanted to welcome and incorporate all makes / models of vehicles and what better name than Mega to represent such a thing? Marking the second week of the car meet, the crew decided to put a spin on things in way of giving back to the community especially considering that the Daily Bread food bank is in dire need of non-perishable goods and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So instead of just a gathering of like-minded gear heads, why not incorporate a food drive – right? All that we asked was for participants to bring one canned good and to the surprise of many, our calling was heard. Furthermore, the first 100 cars that showed up would receive the all-new logo decal for #MegaMeet (courtesy of Rockstar Graphics) and by 9:15pm, the first lot began to fill up.

Cars came from across Southern Ontario from as far away as Waterloo and Durham Region. Our good friends from Brimell Scion brought out three stellar machines including the TTS project Scion tC, the new Scion limited edition tC and #ProjectFRST!

#ProjectFRST caught the attention of many enthusiasts that passed by, be it domestic big-block fans or even those on two wheels coming north from the Leslie & Lakeshore meet.

On the other side of the lot sat this awesome looking Nissan R33 GT-R with some dished wheels and stretched tires.

The Chozen Customz crew of Durham region came out to support the meet and brought out some awesome cars including this mean sounding Oldsmobile Cutlass. Under the hood is a fully built 383 stroker built by Patriot Performance and hearing it enter the lot shook our bones in delight.

For those fans of American Muscle, there were plenty scattered about from the usual supercharged Mustang to this drag-ready black Chevelle SS. Yes, what you’re seeing is a cut out in the hood which can only mean that this Chevy isn’t mild mannered.

Other modern muscle included this 550hp Dodge Charger SRT8 that was completely blacked out with the exception of two off-centered racing stripes. As soon as it pulled in everyone began talking about it especially as it is fairly rare in its own right, let alone the custom work done to it like the one-off wheels.

Our friend from SK Performance showed up with his slammed VIP Lexus LS. If you’re looking for a boss car then the LS is your only option. If you’re looking to get some lighting goods for your ride, then SK Performance is your only option.

This gent came all the way from out West with his Lotus Exige. If no one is aware by now, I (along with many track fiends) hold a special spot in our heart for this English sports car. Talk about riding on rails, the Lotus doesn’t get any better.

These pocket bikes were brought to the meet and everyone welcomed them with open arms, especially as they kept on riding around the lot. A big shout out to TERM416 for coming out again to show their support and for proudly rocking the decals on their rides!

It is without a doubt that the food drive was a huge success. We were able to fill an entire shopping cart full of non-perishable items from pasta to canned soup and everything else one could image. It is times like these that as a community we must gather around and help those less fortunate. A big thanks to everyone for making this possible!

The winner of the “Best in Show” prize pack was the owner of that sweet looking Charger SRT8! In the goody bag consisted two (2) passes to MegaSpeed 2013, a complete Shining Monkey car care kit, decals, t-shirts, and an oil change voucher from ENEOS Canada and MT Motorsport. The meet brought out just under 200 vehicles throughout the night and a handful of motorcycles as well. The weather was chilly, but that didn’t keep the true gear heads for showing their support. A big thanks go out to all the staff, volunteers, sponsors, and of course those who brought out their cars be it from 20-minutes away or farther.

We have now setup a #MegaMeet Fan Page on Facebook for everyone to ‘Like’ and get information about future meets. As it stands, we will be hosting the #MegaMeet once again this coming Thursday October 4th, 2012 from 9pm – 12am and look forward to seeing everyone there again!

Words: Giancarlo Pawelec
Photos: Mark Harris

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